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Timber Fence Capped & Raked

Good Neighbour Timber Fence


Our timber fences and gates are made from both Australian Hardwood and eco friendly CCA treated plantation pine. We use properly treated and processed Lifewood® CCA Timber Products which are durable and designed for the outdoors and comes with a 50 year limited guarantee. The CCA preservative in Lifewood Timber provides protection from a broad spectrum of decay fungi and wood boring insects.

Our timber fences are tough and durable. They offer an excellent windbreak as well as privacy, yet blend in beautifully with the environment. The timeless nature of timber means it suits most home designs. The strong, sturdy quality of timber also creates a natural sound barrier and an excellent backdrop to gardens. You can choose from a number of different styles.

  1. Butted – the palings are placed as close together as possible to create the standard Aussie fence.
  2. Lapped – where the palings overlap for complete privacy.
  3. Lapped and capped – the palings overlap and the top is capped for a neat and tidy finish.
  4. Good Neighbour – both sides of the fence appear the same, as the palings are alternated either side. This style can also be capped for added appeal.
  5. Picket Top – shaped at top of palling.



Our Timber gates are made from a fully welded aluminium frame with pallings attached in various styles. Timber gates come in various widths and heights from single pedestrian gates, double gates, sliding gates and wide swinging designs. Our gates can be manually or electronically operated.


Timber Hoarding

We can supply and install Timber Hoarding which is a plywood sheeting on a Timber frame to suit site requirements.

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